The Red Hydrogen One

Little is known about the infamous new smartphone from the world renowned camera company, which was founded by James Jannard who also founded Oakley. To most people Red Digital Cinema Camera Company is not commonly known however without realising you may have watched a movie filmed with Red cameras with the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 being filmed by Red cameras. Red cameras are used all around the TV industry with big shows such as Amazon Primes Mr Robot and Netflix’s Glow both using Red Cameras. In addition to this Red cameras are used a lot in the music industry when creating music videos with big names such as Taylor Swift, Eminem and Macklemore all using the Red cameras for their videos. This is just a short list of the thousands of times Red cameras have been used. Red looks like it’s going to be staying around with James Cameron using them in the upcoming Avatar 2, 3, 4 and 5 coming out between 2020-2025. The newer models of the Red cameras such as the Red Weapon can shoot to an impressive 8K resolution which is 4x the resolution of 4K. This allows film makers to future proof their creations with possible re-releases of movies in 8K when 8K displays become commercial. 


However, this time Red has swayed away from big fancy cameras and have teased an incredible new smartphone called the Red Hydrogen One. At this current moment in time there is not much information about the Red Hydrogen One as it is still in development but here’s what we do know.

World’s First

The Red Hydrogen One is the worlds first holographic media machine that can fit in your pocket. It features a 5.7″ holographic display with nanotechnology that can seamlessly switch between traditional 2D content, holographic, multi-view, 3D content and interactive games which are all supported in both landscape and portrait mode. This new technology is being developed alongside Leia Inc called Lit. Leia Inc’s core IP uses a nano-structured light guide plate in a standard edge-lit configuration to produce a custom lightfield illumination of the LCD front-plane meaning it can project the display into a hologram. It can also be used to create privacy viewing zones making the display only visible from certain angles and locations. For a more in-depth look on how this technology works check it out here at

Multi-Dimensional Audio

Embedded into it’s heavily modified Android OS, the Hydrogen One uses a proprietary H30 algorithm to convert the usual stereo audio into multi-dimensional audio. Red have explained the multi-dimensional audio as “Think 5.1 on your headphones”. The multi-dimensional audio adds a further depth to the sounds and with the added bonus of being able to turn stereo into multi-dimensional audio means you can listen to all your favourite music tracks in this new form of audio.


The Hydrogen One is the foundation of a future multi-dimensional media system. The Hydrogen System features an all new high-speed data bus which allows for a comprehensive and ever expansive modular component system, which will include future attachments that will allow for higher quality shooting of both motion and still pictures as well as Hydrogen format holographic images.

Command Central

Another incredible feature to the Hydrogen One is that it can integrate with other professional Red cameras, the Scarlet, Epic and Weapon as a interface and monitor. This is all in addition to the Hydrogen One being the control centre of the Hydrogen System.


You can order the Red Hydrogen today for the price of $1195 for the aluminium Hydrogen One and $1595 for the titanium Hydrogen One. These prices do not include taxes or shipping. Orders currently placed will be shipped from the first production batch and the prices are NOT guaranteed at the time of release.

What You Will Receive

If you order today you will receive the Hydrogen One Media Machine with a USB-C cable and charger, an expandable Micro SD card slot and a special token as a gift for ordering the device early. Other accessories for the Hydrogen One will be available at launch at an additional cost and additional modules will not be available immediately after launch. 

When Is It Out? 

The Hydrogen One is currently targeted to ship in Quarter 1 in 2018, a specific date has not been given and this can change closer to the time. 

So far this is all we currently know about the Hydrogen One. The device itself from paper seems like a thing of a future or out of a sci-fi film. The device features some incredible new technologies that are really gonna push the mobile phone industry. Hopefully, the device itself will be a big hit and judging by Red’s other products the Hydrogen One is definitely a device you should keep your eyes on. Hopefully soon we will get to hear out the Hydrogen System and what that will deliver. The pricing doesn’t seem to bad as well for the technology the device holds especially since the IPhone X is retailing at £999.

For more information or to check out Red products check out their website


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