Meet The Lenovo Explorer VR/AR Headset

The Lenovo Explorer Headset uses Windows mixed reality technology to combine the real world around you with virtual elements – with the ability to jump into completely virtual worlds. The Dell Visor doesn’t require any external sensors and is easy to setup with a single cable – all you need is a compatible PC. With two Quad HD lenses you’ll experience beautiful 360 degree views in high quality – so everything you experience looks and feels incredible. You can purchase the headset from Currys PC World.

With some classic VR games available from Steam like Space Pirate Trainer, Fantastic Contraption, and Universe Sandbox, you can enjoy truly immersive experiences. You can also watch 360 videos from GoPro, discover new adventures with Minecraft, and play incredible games from the Windows Store – including Halo Experiences.

 Offering complete freedom of movement, the wireless controllers let you interact in a natural way so you can pick up items, use weapons and control other characters. With haptic feedback, thumb sticks and button controls you can easily navigate around every game.

 Lightweight and designed for comfort, the Explorer Headset is padded so that you can easily forget your wearing it, with an adjustable dial to get the right fit. And if you want to quickly jump out of the game the visor can be easily flipped up so you can return to the real world without taking the headset completely off.


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