The Smart Samsung Family Hub Fridge Freezer

Take a fresh look at
what a fridge can do

Family Hub™

The Family Hub™ is a revolutionary new refrigerator with a Wifi enabled 
touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your 
family and entertain like never before. 

Know what you have

Food Management

Always know what’s inside with built-in cameras. Easily monitor 
and order groceries. Or simply discover recipes.


See inside your fridge from anywhere

The Family Hub’s™ 3 built-in cameras will let you see what’s inside, so you can check what you have left from your 
phone whenever you’re out*. So even when you’re shopping, you can take a quick look. 

Get a freshness

Choose to track your key fridge items and their expiry dates. 
Set reminders which will appear on the fridge’s screen and on your 
mobile*, so you can enjoy your food at its best. 

All the food you love
in one place

With the Whisk App, you can organise your inspiration. 
Plan smarter. Shop where and how you want. 
All from the Family Hub™ touchscreen or your smartphone.

Share family calendars,
photos, and notes

Family Communication

Use one personalisable calendar for the whole family to easily keep on top of everyone’s schedules. 
Add reminders and notes or simply share pictures you like*. 


Let your fingers 
do all of the talking

Write notes or draw pictures on the touchscreen and 
let your creativity speaks for itself*. No more lost 
notes or pens and paper! 


Stream music, radio,
mirroring your TV

Family Entertainment

The Family Hub™ is so much more than a refrigerator. While keeping your food at its freshest, 
it also brings kitchen entertainment to a new level, whether you want to continue watching that programme of yours*** 
or you prefer listening to music.

Non-stop music, video & 
TV entertainment

Unpack your groceries or cook dinner with your favourite TV 
show in the background. The Family Hub™’s 21.5-inch 
touchscreen can mirror your smart TV** so your kitchen 
can be just as fun as the TV room, 
without taking up precious wall or counter space. 


Music live 
in your kitchen

Listen to your favourite music, news, sports, or talk. 

Do I need to connect
speakers to play music?

Family Hub™ is equipped with 5W speakers 
– high quality sound for your favourite songs and movies.


More Features
that you will love 

Switch how you use it to suit your needs

The CoolSelect Plus Zone™ (the fridge’s versatile bottom-right section) can be switched 
between a fridge or a freezer with the touch of a button, allowing you to customise 
temperature settings as needed. 

Revolutionary triple & metal cooling

Benefit from precise temperature control in the fridge, freezer, and the convertible CoolSelect 
Plus Zone.™ This helps you maintain optimal humidity levels and keeps food fresh for longer.




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