What is NVIDIA Volta?

Volta is NVIDIA’s all-new GPU architecture, designed to bring AI to every industry. Rumored to be the new architecture for NVIDIA’s gaming GPU’s, it will first feature in their AI GPU’s. Volta is set to change the way we see AI and will fuel breakthroughs in every industry.2017-08-15-image-23

The Volta architecture will feature an incredible 640 Tensor cores to help deliver an unprecedented 100 tera-flops per second of deep-learning performance, a 5X increase compared to prior generation NVIDIA Pascal architecture. This is an incredible exponential leap forward in performance. 21 billion transistors will help make the Volta GPU architecture the most powerful the world has ever seen, pairing both NVIDIA CUDA and Tensor Cores to deliver the performance of an AI supercomputer in a GPU.

NVIDIA Volta will use the next-generation NVIDIA NVLink, a  revolutionary high-speed interconnect technology that delivers 2X the throughput, compared to the previous generation of NVLink. Thus enabling more advanced model and data parallel approaches for strong scaling to achieve the absolute highest application performance.



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