LG Jumps Ahead of the Competition With the Unveiling of Their 88-inch 8K TV


CES 2018 is just around the corner and LG are kicking it off with a bang, unveiling their new 88-inch 8K OLED TV, pushing both size, resolution and price. Staying on the topic of price no official amount has been announced but by looking at current products we are expecting a hefty price tag of well over $30,000 possibly even $50,000. Although not many details have been announced about the TV you can definitely expect it to be at the forefront of LG’s CES 2018 press conference.

Just as 4K screens are starting to get more affordable and somewhat common in peoples homes, there is still not enough 4K content being produced and in terms of 8K, there are only small amounts of content here and there. However, it must be noted that a lot of big cinema cameras such as the Red cameras can record up to 8K and it may be likely that a lot of the movies and tv shows are recorded in 8K then downscaled to 4K or 1080P. It must also be noted that streaming 8K quality movies and TV shows may be a bit of a long leap away as on average a 90-minute video will be roughly 18 terabytes of data, which is around 200 gigabytes a minute and as for storage of 8K media that is unfathomable for a common household.


Image Courtesy of Signiant

So don’t expect to see 8K become a popular thing anytime soon, but this poses the question how long will it be until resolution will be that good that our eyes will not be able to notice the difference?


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