A Year in Review: A Letter by REVWR

2018, a year of learning and growing. After taking some time off REVWR is back with new goals for the near future. The name REVWR came around as I wanted it to be a place of reviews of all sorts, however, over time it slowly changed and sidetracked from what I wanted it to be. Now, this is not all bad news as I whilst doing the posts I gained a vast knowledge of tech and exactly where I want the website to be.

2018 will be a bit different and it starts off with an apology. In 2017 REVWR got to a point where it was quantity over quality posts were being published on the daily however they were not up to a quality that deserved to be on this site and for this I am sorry, however, 2018 will be a fresh start with an all-new style to the posts I put a lot of money and savings into this website and I’m going to make sure it looks that way and put every ounce of effort, love, and passion I have for the website into each post

In the upcoming months, you can expect coverage of CES 2018, reviews of multiple products I use on the daily and all-new high-quality content. 2018 is already set to be an incredible year for technology and I want to be able to document every step of the way.

Yours Sincerely,



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