Is the HTC Vive having an upgrade at CES?

CES is just 2 days away and we are just getting engulfed in teasers of whats to come in the near future. The newest entrants to the big CES tease is HTC, with their official HTC Vive twitter tweeting an image hinting towards a resolution upgrade to the Vive.

According to this new tweet, it does definitely suggest we are in for an incredible upgrade to the Vive. However, does this mean that we will be getting 4K? Currently, the Vive has a resolution of 1080×1200 per eye with 90hz refresh rate. Now, will the jump be straight to 4K or just to 2K per eye? Due to recent rumors around the next generation of NVidia gaming GPU’s it is possible that we could be in line for 4K resolution per eye, which would be an incredible leap forward, however, it would push even the high-end computers to their limits.

With HTC possibly releasing a higher quality headset it may not be too long before we hear something from Oculus as both the AR and VR markets are very competitive at the moment with cheaper AR headsets slowly gaining ground and catching up with the more expensive VR headsets. In addition to this, a lot of AR headsets use your mobile phone instead of an expensive gaming computer making it a more viable purchase option for the consumer market.

What are your thoughts on the topic, do you think that VR is still just a gimmick or do you believe there is potential for VR in the modern consumer market?




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