StreamLabs OBS The Ultimate Streaming Tool

Open Broadcaster Studio, otherwise known as OBS is the most popular and powerful recording and live streaming software. Used by pros in many different industries OBS has a very strong reputation, with support for platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. OBS is equipped with a powerful API, enabling plugins and scripts to provide further customization and functionality allowing for custom plugins to help elevate your recordings. In addition to this OBS could additionally be integrated with third-party hardware such as the Elgato Stream Deck, allowing for full operation through the Stream Deck.


OBS Studio is just brilliant but the people over at StreamLabs have taken it to a whole other level of brilliance. StreamLabs OBS otherwise known as slobs is a modified and upgraded version of the original OBS Studio that integrates StreamLab into OBS alongside a host of cool new features.


To start it all off for OBS users scenes can be directly imported into StreamLbs OBS with a click of a button. However, you can also download fully built up overlays with different StramLabs functions from the libary. Just simply add your name and how you want to record then off you go it is as simple as that, making any stream that bit more professional. In total there are 3000+ designs by 250+ talented artists all which are available for free.


Streamlabs OBS feature optimised game specific x264 & Nvenc encoder settings. This helps to Reduce CPU usage by more than 20% while giving you the same video quality or instead you can increase the video quality by 2x keeping the same CPU usage. You can read StreamLabs story behind their ongoing effort with game specific encoding here.

In addition to the video encoders helping save CPU resources even more are saved and RAM by combining multiple windows like Streamlabels, Twitch Chat, Twitch Dashboard/Video, Streamlabs Dashboard, OBS etc into a single live view.

Streamlabs OBS_2017-12-30_14-28-06

StreamLabs also states that you are able to possibly boost your channels revenue by 200% with their new Face Mask – Alerts 2.0 a Snapchat style filter that can be enabled by users when subscribing or donating to the stream.


Currently it’sonly available for Windows 7+ however as shown below StreamLabs OBS out ways the original OBS and its closest competitor XSplit all whilst beimg able to seamlessly intergrate with Patreon simply link your account and visit the widgets(alertbox, eventlist) and dashboard for Patreon events, Extra Life, Tiltify, Razer Chroma lighting up your Razer Chroma enabled keyboard or mouse in response to various events, Gamewisp and Tipeeestream. 

You can download the OBS StreamLabs Beta from here.

OBS Comparison


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