Humble Book Bundle: DIY Electronics By Wiley


The Humble Book Bundle: DIY Electronics by Wiley just launched on Wednesday, March 14 at 11 a.m. Pacific time! The Humble Bundle team has Joined forces with Wiley for their newest bundle! Get titles like Learning Python with Raspberry Pi, Electronics For Dummies, and Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects. Also, this bundle supports Innocent Lives Foundation – or a charity of your choice!

For just $15 (about £10.75) you can receive the entire collection of 14 e-books worth an incredible $414. You can purchase this bundle from Humble Bundles website. And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to Humble Monthly Immediately receive Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst, and Mafia III +Mafia III: Sign of the Times with more to come! Each game for you to keep.


Featured Books:

Arduino For Dummies

John Nussey

Arduino For Dummies is a great place to start if you want to find out about the Arduino and make the most of its incredible capabilities. Arduino For Dummies does not assume any prior knowledge or skill on the part of the reader, and provides all the information needed about electronics, programming, prototyping, soldering to get you up and running in the exciting and creative area of hardware hacking.

Topics covered include:

  • Where to buy Arduino
  • Installing Arduino and the Arduino Development Environment
  • Programming the Arduino using Processing
  • Creating basic projects such as fading an LED and getting data in and out of the Arduino
  • Utilizing sound and light
  • Connecting the Arduino to motors and servos
  • How to solder
  • Programming the Arduino for interactivity
  • How to install the Processing programming language
  • Extending the capabilities using shields and specialist hardware

In the way that the Arduino has lowered the barrier to entry to people wishing to learn electronics, hardware hacking and coding, Arduino For Dummies lowers the barrier to entry for people wishing to understand the Arduino.


Adventures in Raspberry Pi

Carrie Anne Philbin

Coding for kids is cool with Raspberry Pi and this elementary guide.

Even kids with no affinity for computers can learn to code with Raspberry Pi and this book. Written for 11- to 15-year-olds and assuming no prior computing knowledge, this book uses the wildly successful, low-cost, credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi computer to explain fundamental computing concepts. Young people will enjoy going through the book’s nine fun projects while they learn basic programming and system administration skills, starting with the very basics of how to plug in the board and turn it on. Each project includes a lively and informative video to reinforce the lessons. It’s perfect for young, eager self-learners–your kids can jump in, set up their Raspberry Pi, and go through the lessons on their own.

Written by Carrie Anne Philbin, a high school teacher of computing who advises the U.K. government on the revised ICT Curriculum Teaches 11- to 15-year-olds programming and system administration skills using Raspberry Pi

Features 9 fun projects accompanied by lively and helpful videos. Raspberry Pi is a $35/$25 credit-card-sized computer created by the non-profit Raspberry Pi Foundation; over 5 million have been sold. Help your children have fun and learn computing skills at the same time with Adventures in Raspberry Pi.


Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects

Earl Boysen | Harry Kybett

Approximately 35 percent of this version is new or revised material plus 60 projects on the books web site hosted by the author. The content and structure of the book has been very well received, therefore this revision will maintain the bulk of original material and enhance it by adding hands-on practice and conceptual background information. All projects accessed at will use 4/c photos to enhance the visual appeal of the on line projects. Two-color sidebars highlight new content: Using the Multimeter, Using the Breadboard, Inside the Resistor, and new projects, along with the sidebars: a Full Diode Project, not just an experiment and a Zener Diode Project, along with a Transistor Project, Bipolar Transistor, The Transistor Switch Project. Also, The JFET Project, Using a Function Generator, Using an Oscilloscope, Inside the Capacitor, The High Pass Filter Project, Inside the Inductor, The IC Filter Project. The Bandpass Filter project, The Transistor Amplifier Project, The Stable Amplifier Project, Inside the Amplifier, The Operational Amplifier Project, The Colpitts project, Inside the Oscillator, The Simple Oscillator Project, Designing an Oscillator Project and numerous other new projects.




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