It’s The Festival of Speed On The Humble Store



The Festival of Speed just launched in the Humble Store on Thursday, April 5 at 10 a.m. Pacific time! The sale will be live through Monday, April 9 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.

For any motoring fans out there, the Festival of Speed is one not to be missed with savings of up to 80% on brand new and popular games or complete the DLC for your favorite motoring game. All available from the Humble Store.

From road racing an F1 car to whipping a motocross bike over the finish, there’s something for everyone one of our favorites is the all-new off-road game called Gravel, an extreme racing game that will have you performing stunts and racing in all different kinds of 4-wheeled off-road vehicles all around the world. You can pick up Gravel in the Festival of Speed for just £18.89 instead of £29.99 saving you -37% off the original price.



Take a tour around the world to discover the range of extreme and wild environments that will offer you a fully off-road experience.
There are four disciplines where you can compete with the most powerful cars.

  • Cross Country: Huge areas with different layouts, perfect for competing in checkpoint races in the most evocative landscapes. Run through a waterfall with the aurora borealis as a backdrop or try the right grip in the largest deserts in the world.
  • Wild Rush: The wildest locations where you can compete in lap races. Unique environments with natural obstacles that will force you to race your way through the slopes of a mountain, on paradise islands, and through masses of debris and quarry rocks.
  • Speed Cross: Races set in the most beautiful tracks in the world. Real-world tracks, from Europe to America, where you can show your skills in incredible jumps and chicanes.
  • Stadium: Real and fictional arenas, full of jumps and spectacular layouts!

Fun and excitement are the main rules!
Gravel is adrenaline, pure fun, spectacle.
The game’s physics is accessible and immediate and allows you to express all your driving skills and boldness during each competition.
Hair-raising bends, tussles, extreme jumps and treacherous terrain for an always different and increasingly dangerous gameplay experience.
There are many offline and online game modes that let you compete against human opponents!

Meet the off-road Masters and find your way on the wildest show on TV at Gravel Channel!
Six episodes broadcast from the most extreme and wildest corners of the planet to win the title of World Champion.
The Masters of the several disciplines in the game will challenge you in head-to-head races to determine who really is the best. And when the championship is over, the challenge is still not complete: take part in the final race to become an Off-Road Master. Only after beating the current titleholder you can step on the podium and raise the cup to the sky!


Another favorite game of ours is the Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame. Although when it was first released it faced some trouble with the way the game runs and the physics were a bit off, the developers fixed issues and the game was actually really fun when you got into it and the graphics are really well done. You can pick up the game in the Festival of Speed for just £18.89 instead of £29.99 saving you -37% off the original price.



Finally for those simmers out there you can get Project Cars 2 in the Festival of Speed. For those lucky people who have VR, Project Cars 2 fully supports both 12K and VR for those people who want ultimate immersion in their games. You can pick up Project Cars 2 for just £20.24 instead of £44.99 saving you -55% off of the original price.


Project Cars 2 FEATURES: 
• 180+ elite- brand race & road cars
• Full 12K & VR Support
• Tested & tuned by pro drivers & gamers for true-to-life handling
• Real-world-derived career progression
• All-new motorsports (IndyCar, Oval Racing, rallycross) join old favorites incl. GT3
• Dynamic surface & weather physics affect vehicle performance & handling in real-time
• New loose surface racing (ice, dirt, mud)
• Full 24-hour cycle with real-time atmospheric conditions & seasonal ambience
• Accessible gamepad handling & wide-ranging wheel support
• Class-leading Esport capabilities incl. Online Championships



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